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The performance of professional service deliverers - whether external or internal - doesn't just depend on technical expertise; it also depends on the ability to deliver that expertise effectively to clients. Over our many years of experience we have developed a comprehensive range of consultant training courses that are directed at developing people's skills and capability in doing this and we are a Registered Training Centre for the Institute of Consulting and Chartered Management Institute.

Shown below are some of the more popular courses that we run. The courses designed to equip consultants for their roles use our CONSULT sales or delivery processes as their backbone, while those designed to develop a consultant's personal performance focus on a specific area of skill needed by consultants. All of our courses are intensive value packed learning experiences.

Our most popular course is covered in our programme of PUBLIC COURSES.

All of our courses can be run internally (see IN-COMPANY TRAINING) and clients often ask us to design and deliver courses to meet specific development needs for their consultant teams.

All of our courses can be delivered either face to face, virtually via live online bite-size learning modules or utilising a blended approach, combining both face to face and virtual training approaches.

Essential Consulting Skills

An introduction to Consulting Essentials

This is an intensive course for those who want to get a rapid understanding of the key tasks of a consultant and the critical skills needed, particularly in professionalism and working effectively with clients.

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Core consultancy skills

This intensive three-day course provides a solid introduction to the skills and techniques consultants need to deliver real value to clients. Based on our CONSULT delivery process, the course is endorsed by the Institute of Consulting leading to their Certificate in Management Consulting Essentials qualification.

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Presentation skills

There are lots of courses on presentation skills; this one-day intensive workshop is directed specifically to the needs of consultants and other professional service providers, who are critically judged on the quality of their presentations.

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Writing skills

This one-day workshop helps consultants to write in the most effective way: with a clear purpose, a persuasive story and a highly readable style.

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Business problem solving

This two-day non-residential course provides a structured approach to problem solving and introduces some of the most useful relevant tools and techniques for consultants.

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Coaching skills for consultants

This programme is based on blended learning, combining a two-day course with practice in the work situation. It is intended that this course will meet the requirements of the Chartered Management Institute at level 5 in Management Coaching Practice.

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Client engagement skills

This course is for those who have well developed technical skills but who now want to be more effective at applying them in a client environment. The objective is to increase the effectiveness and confidence of participants in dealing with all aspects of engaging with clients, using a consultancy framework.

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Advanced Consulting skills

Managing the business of consulting - preparing for promotion

Like any other business, consultancy practices need to be managed and business performance depends on the quality of management. This intensive two-day course focuses on the key competency areas that are needed to manage a consulting business and the people in it.

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Leading Successful Change

This course explores how the dynamic between the individual, group and organisation influences behaviour in the workplace. Participants will engage with concepts and practicalities of organisational structure and culture as well as learn techniques for working with groups.

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Facilitation skills

An immensely useful two-day course, which guides participants through the range of theories, tools and techniques required for successful facilitation. It is specially designed to extend your existing repertoire of consulting skills and will enable you to lead, manage and facilitate groups more effectively.

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Compelling communication

This course focuses on relationship, communication and persuasive skills in a consultative environment. It uses a practical hands-on skills-based approach to help you maximise your own impact and gravitas.

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Business Development & Selling Skills

Selling on

A one-day intensive training course that will help you address the challenges of winning more business with your current clients, with benefits to you and them.

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Consultative Selling Skills

A practical, intensive two-day course designed for consultants to develop their understanding of the key tasks involved in selling and the skills and techniques needed to perform them well.

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Trust Based Selling

Account managers in professional practices often have other responsibilities and need therefore to be confident that they are giving the right amount of time to account management and that this is being used effectively. Our account management development workshop provides the tools and techniques that enable account managers to determine.

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“..Over our many years of experience we have developed a comprehensive range of consultant training courses....”