Managing the business of consulting

Preparing for promotion

Like any other business, consultancy practices need to be managed and business performance depends on the quality of management. This intensive two-day course focuses on the key competency areas that are needed to manage a consulting business and the people in it.

Essential Course Information:

Why this course?

This requires competences different from those that consultants need for successful project sales and delivery. Even for those with previous management experience, the business of consulting can present new challenges. This course is to equip them with an understanding of the areas in which competence is needed and the skills and techniques needed to perform the managerial role well.

Is this course for you?

This course is for consultants who are in a managerial role in a consulting practice and want to develop their skills and knowledge so they can perform it better. It is valuable too for those who want to progress to more senior roles in a consulting practice that involve managerial as well as consulting skills.

What will it give you?

By the end of this course you should:

  • understand the processes by which you can develop your own skills
  • understand the key processes by which you can manage and develop other consultants both on projects and within the practice
  • know the key factors affecting consultancy business performance
  • understand the principles of running a sales function both strategically and operationally
  • have developed tools and techniques that enable you to be better able to manage clients relationships
  • understand how to develop and leverage corporate intellectual property

What is covered?

The course is workshop based, relying not only on input from the tutorial team but also encouraging participants to reflect on their experience in their own practices and to consider the application of learning within their own business environment.

  • Self development: making the most of your own potential
  • Development of others: enabling other consultants to deliver better performance
  • Managing consultancy business performance
  • Managing the sales and marketing function
  • Managing client relationships and achieving optimal positioning with the client
  • Developing and leveraging corporate intellectual property
  • Moving towards promotion

How is this course delivered?

This course is delivered on an in-house basis only.

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