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Since our foundation in 1989 we have worked for consulting organisations from the very large, such as IBM with a global reach, to the very small such as Capacitas, who when we started working with them had just three consultants working in London.

We work with internal consultancy units and other corporate functions who increasingly have needed to take on consultancy skills as their role evolves as business partners.

We also work for "emergent consultancies" – organisations whose main business is not consultancy, but who offer specialist advice based on their considerable know-how. Over the years our clients have been drawn from diverse sectors from pharmaceuticals to telecoms, from petrochemicals to engineering.

The people who engage us include heads of practice, HR and training managers through to individuals who attend our public courses.

And of course, those who participate in our various courses are themselves a most important group of clients. In recent months they have varied from recent graduates to the founder of a major consultancy practice. See below comments from some of our clients and Click here for a list of some of those we have worked with.

"A wonderfully interactive course with lots of practical exercises." Veera Räsänen, Finpro

"The course was excellent and one of the best taught courses I have attended, thank you." Kerrie Neale

"Scarily thought-provoking" Helen Moore, Est

The training is practical, with lots of tools to take away David Saint, Action Planning

"We didn't expect to learn so much about the strengths and weaknesses of our consultants through the training. It was an extra spin off benefit to us." David Watts, CCD