Our values

Core value statement

We will treat those with whom we engage (clients, colleagues, others) all as trusted, respected colleagues.

We don't invite you to admire our values. We use them as a practical tool when faced with challenging decisions: how do we deal with that difficult client? how should I treat this irritating colleague? how should we handle this tricky situation?

And when we invite our clients to evaluate our work, we ask, "Did we stick to our values?"

We've found them a useful discipline.

Supporting value statements

Respect: We start from our clients' position. We value the strengths of our colleagues

Openness: We are open with our clients and colleagues. We are happy to be intellectually challenged

Integrity: We will be honest and ethical in what we do, and act in the best interests of all involved

Professionalism: We contribute to our clients through proven expertise and its practical application. We actively maintain and renew our professional knowledge

Collaboration: We operate in a collaborative manner, which is both effective and fun

Working with partners

We work closely with a number of other organisations where we supply our services to their clients.