We create bespoke consultancy skills training

We specialise in working with our clients to create bespoke consultancy skills training programmes which deliver specific performance improvements. We work closely with learning and development professionals, heads of consultancy and functional heads to deliver tangible benefits. The team that works with a client to design the consulting training also delivers the programme, so that our consultancy skills tutors better relate to the context of the participants' working environment.

Our CONSULT 4D skills development process

We use this if you want a training programme to meet a particular set of needs. It consists of a sequence of four stages:

  1. Determine the performance development need
  2. Define the syllabus to be addressed through the training
  3. Design the training programme
  4. Deliver the programme

If the programme is to be run more than once, we follow the last stage with Design review and modification to respond to the experience of how the programme works in practice.

“..The team that design the consulting training also deliver the programme..”