Corporate social responsibility

Acting responsibly

Even though we are only a small business, we believe that we have the same responsibilities as any other enterprise in contributing to the good of our community.

All the members of our team of course undertake their own activities in a personal capacity but as a business we have two main areas we contribute:

  • Organisations that contribute to the development of growth of individuals in particular young people. Most recently we have been supporting the Princes Trust and our current designated charity is the National Youth Orchestra.

    National Youth Orchestra

    For 64 years, the National Youth Orchestra has united Great Britain’s most talented and committed young musicians. As members of NYO, young British teenagers from diverse backgrounds across the country come together to create unforgettable orchestral performances, full of verve and passion. They develop as musicians and as people, learn from world-renowned musicians and inspire thousands of young people each year.

    ‘A truly wonderful orchestra. A credit to Britain.’  The Guardian

    National Youth Orchestra

    NYO honoured with the Queen’s Medal for Music see more.

  • As an organisation that works around the world we undertake a lot of air travel. Our carbon offset is done through investment in tree planting and our most recent effort was local to us in Cheam Park.

    Planting trees in Cheam Park Dec 2011

    Community Tree Planting day - digging holes and planting trees with Ben Morris of Sutton Council’s Arboricultural and Woodlands Department at Jubilee Copse, Cheam Park.See more about this event.

We continue to strive towards excellence whilst respecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint.