How we help

Often, our clients cannot easily identify or articulate the issues that need addressing – they just know something could be better.

That's where we can help. Our long track record and the calibre of our team, bring a breadth of skills and experience that's hard to find anywhere else. Below we give examples of how we may help

Your need

How we can meet it

"I (or one of my colleagues) need training to upgrade skills in a specific area of consultancy"

Take a look at the schedule of our public consultancy skills courses to see if one of these would meet your needs

"Our small consultancy routinely needs to train recruits so that they use the same language and processes as the rest of the team when engaged in consultancy"

We can set up and run a regular programme of training that suits your budget and needs

"We have a group of people who have a shared need to upgrade their skills through training"

"We want to have a consultancy training course as part of our routine programme of training"

We can run one of our standard consultant training courses for you or we can develop a bespoke programme to meet your specific needs


"We have a specific development need and we are looking for a training input"

"We have a development need in our consultancy business and want a programme designed to address it using a mix of on-job and off-job components"

We can design and deliver professional development programmes tailored to the needs of professional service deliverers

"How do we organise our consultancy business to be more successful"

Our sister consultancy - GreySpace Consulting – has its Navigator programme to help you in taking strategic decisions in the design of your consultancy business, and its Accelerator programme to see how to improve performance

“...covering all the development needs of consultants...”