Presentation Skills

There are lots of courses on presentation skills; this one-day intensive workshop is directed specifically to the needs of consultants and other professional service providers, who are critically judged on the quality of their presentations.

Essential Course Information

Why this course?

Consultants are expected to have superlative presentation skills they call on to pitch to clients in selling situations, to persuade clients to accept their recommendations, to run workshop and training sessions, and in many other situations. Consultants are judged by the quality of their presentations and this course develops your skills and confidence so that you can prepare and deliver them to best effect.

Is this course for you?

You will already have some experience of making presentations and perhaps have attended some training in presentation skills. This course starts where many other courses leave off, and is intended to upgrade your skills so as to meet the additional demands placed on a consultant.

What will it give you?

By the end of the course you will have:

  • revisited the basic skills of presenting
  • learned techniques of planning presentations for different situations and audiences
  • learned how to structure presentations for different situations
  • practised and developed your personal presentation techniques

What is covered?

The course focuses on practical skills and will work on improving presentations you have prepared beforehand to bring to the course. You will cover the supporting skills needed to prepare and deliver to a high standard, including:

  • Specification: why am I making this presentation and what is it meant to achieve?
  • Message design: how can the message be put across?
  • Brightening your presentations: techniques for keeping the attention of the audience
  • Delivery skills: how to deliver the message more effectively
  • Skills practice: putting what has been learned into practice
  • Theory into action: developing presentation performance back at work

How is this course delivered?

The course is available to be run in-house.

Ideally participants should have their practice presentations captured on video; where clients cannot provide recording facilities, we can do so. Participants are then given copies so they have the chance to review their presentations in their own time.

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What others have said about this course

“A useful presentation workshop relevant for consultants.” Rania Auam, Bearing Point

“This course is well worth doing, even if you are already a confident presenter.”

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“This course is intended to upgrade your skills so as to meet the additional demands placed on a consultant. ”