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A one-day intensive training course that will help you address the challenges of winning more business with your current clients, with benefits to you and them.

Essential Course Information:

Why this course?

Most business comes from developing opportunities with existing clients. Consultants who are delivering projects are in the best place to identify these opportunities, but few have previous selling experience and may be reluctant or unable to convert opportunities to sales. This course will help you develop the skills and confidence to develop new business with your existing clients.

Is this course for you?

This course is for you if your work is mainly in delivery, but you want to be able to sell. It will be of value not only to consultants relatively new to selling, but also to experienced consultants wanting to enhance their selling skills.

What will it give you?

This is an intensive practical course; you will learn techniques that you can put into practice the day you get back to work. By the end of this course you should:

  • be better able to identify suitable sales opportunities with your current clients
  • understand what factors will influence the buying decision and how to find out what they are
  • know how to prepare for and engage in effective sales conversations

What is covered?

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  • Getting your mindset right: the ingredients of good selling – and why bad selling puts us off it!
  • What you have to do to sell: the key tasks of selling; understanding the client’s buying process and how this fits with the sales process
  • Positioning yourself: so that you can have sales conversations with your clients, adopting the right sales language to enable clients to raise new opportunities with you
  • Developing an opportunity: how to spot and qualify an opportunity
  • Conducting good sales conversations: discover what the client drivers are and how to make the case why you should conduct this project. Work with clients to establish the benefits of a project. Show how working with you and your practice can help assure success
  • Differentiation: knowing what differentiates you and your practice to elevate both personal and professional trust with the client
  • Bringing it all together: skills practice at selling on

How is this course delivered?

This course is delivered as part of an in-house programme. It is often used by our clients as part of the induction training of recruits after they have been in the business for around 6 months.

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What others have said about this course

“Great refresher on the importance of selling and how to spot new opportunities”

“A useful day looking at the sales side of one’s role”

“A pragmatic course that I am confident will increase my ability to make extension sales in my role”

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“Most business comes from developing opportunities with existing clients...”